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Our Team embodies three core values:
Committed Can-do  Compassionate

We are an RRsWhole Free Zone.
Core competence, creativity and continuing curiosity are behaviours that define us.
You are guaranteed of working with wholehearted human beings — and we like to keep it that way!

Maria Calibo-Sales

Maria Calibo-Sales

Founder & Chief Advisor

Christine Palomo

Christine Palomo

PaaS Project Specialist


We are Redefining the Way the World Works.
The Calmar Collective operates under the ROWE (Results Only Work Environment) model.
We have proven professionals who will manage their own time and space and work with whatever style suits them to deliver project objectives.

Our collaborative tech-based way of working meets 13 out of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We commit to carbon-neutral and fully flexible work life. We will not spend hours each day sitting in traffic to get to an office just so we can sit behind a desk, and we definitely don’t waste time kissing butt to progress up some imaginary corporate ladder. The things we don’t do leaves us plenty of time to do amazing work, and enjoy the process of doing it.


Each of our Collective Specialists must pass their relevant Functional Stress Tests.
On average, only 10-15% of skilled applicants who attempt our Functional Stress Tests pass first go.

Our commitment to skills quality assurance allows us the pleasure of working with the top 15% of specialists in their field
globally. For our commercial partners, it ensures that projects are delivered at best-in-class quality, and in record time.


Suite 601
202 Victoria Road

Drummoyne NSW 2047

+61 1300 27 99 60

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